Thank you very much for a most wonderful experience. It exceeded my wildest expectations on all dimensions. All in all, awesome is the word!

Innocent Dutiro
CEO, Adcorp

The Change a Life Nyami Nyami Tour 2015

The world’s largest man-made lake, spanning 226 km’s in length and up to 40 km’s in width, Kariba is located along the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia and was the host to our 2015 Nyami Nyami Cycle tour. It is a major source of hydro-electric power to both countries and supports thriving fishing and tourism industries, offering visitors spectacular views and sunsets, and great fishing, boating and water sports.

The 2015 tour was named after Nyami Nyami the mischievous spirit who resides in the Zambezi Valley and who, as Tonga legend would have it, controls life in the lake and is not to be angered.

Rather than take on Lake Kariba under water or even by walking on water as the route master suggested, we would be cycling approximately 550 km’s from the magnificent Victoria Falls to Lake Kariba, where we would experience the luxury and pampering we have all become accustomed to, on board a houseboat in the tiger fishing mecca of Africa.

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the 2015 team