The tour was an enormous success and everyone I spoke to was amazed at the
“greatness” of the tour. As you say, keeping something like this alive takes an enormous amount of special effort but you guys have done it. Thank you for including me in the tour and also for all the extra stuff you do to make each one of us feel special, I certainly appreciate it very much.

Alan Hutcheson
CEO, Lightstone

The Change a Life High Five Tour 2012

The 2012 Change a Life Cycle Tour returned home for an epic journey that took the Change a Life cyclists through the rugged terrain and pristine landscapes of the Waterberg. Aptly named the High Five Tour, the fifth Change a Life tour promised the greatest challenge yet, with five days of cycling over 555 kilometres of undulating roads and through bushveld. 

Cyclists, riding alongside sporting hero Martin Dreyer and renowned presenter Gerald de Kock, climbed 5000 metres during the course of the tour and even encountered South Africa’s Big Five en route.

Participants who have come to appreciate the challenge and adventure of the Change a Life Cycle Tour were accommodated at the luxury Legends Hotel with its legendary golf course designed by champions, and experienced dramatic twists, unrivalled in the history of the event. 

Click here to view a few memories made on the 2012 cycle tour.

the 2012 team