Thank you very much for what was a true highlight for me. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience from departure to arrival. It was truly world-class! I hope we can do more next year to help you in changing lives.

Enzo Scarcella

The Change a Life Cycle Tour 2010

In 2010 we were cycling to the beat of Africa in Malawi. The 470 km route (not too far in total…), was not too hilly (except for the last day…) and the individual days were not too long (well perhaps the second day). As for the roads, they were in surprisingly great condition and usually carried very few cars – which was a win. Add to this smiling and friendly local people and some stunning scenery. It was a sure recipe for success!

We would spend three days cycling, starting off from the capital Lilongwe and ending off atop the spectacular Zomba Plateau. From Lilongwe we head (via a pleasantly uncongested and scenic road) straight for Lake Malawi, which would be be the focus of most of the cycle tour. We would spend a night on the Lake around Salima before setting off south-east along the shore. This was real cycling country where we would find every other Malawian on a bike going about his or her daily business with the beautiful Lake of Stars as a backdrop.

As part of the tour, 35 bicycle ambulances had been manufactured with a sponsorship from Macsteel and were donated to rural communities living around Lake Malawi to improve their access to local health clinics and hospitals.

Click here to view a few memories made on the 2010 cycle tour.

the 2010 team