The Change a Life Cycle Tour

There are a number of factors that differentiate Change a Life from other cycle tours:

  • It has garnered a reputation as one of South Africa’s most prestigious cycle events, managed to the highest standards by an experienced team
  • Innovative thinking and meticulous planning create an adventure for participants who cycle through magnificent environments and are afforded a combination of luxurious comfort and extreme physical challenge on well planned routes
  • Projects funded by the tour are well managed and deliver exceptional returns on social investment
  • Participants benefit from the opportunity to network at the highest levels of corporate South Africa in events that unite participants as they take on a challenge while contributing to a good cause.

The Change a Life Cycle Tour attracts chairmen, chief executives and directors across a broad spectrum of financial services, telecommunications, hospitality, healthcare and nutrition, security, legal and management consulting industries. In addition, the cycle tour attracts extensive media coverage across the broad range of radio, television, print and social media, while many of our corporate sponsors promote Change a Life on their external and internal communications platforms which reach thousands of potential customers. 

The Change a Life Cycle Tour 2022 

Just as Elton John was nostalgic for the old Rock n Roll, you may long for the good old days when you could traverse a crocodile infested river, swaying dangerously on a pontoon bridge. Well, unfurl that safari suit, because Change a Life is taking you back in time, and we’re doing it in style! Four days across four countries. 

Our meeting point? The awe-inspiring new 923m Kazungula road and rail bridge that stands as a proud new landmark at the quadripoint between Zambia, Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe. Join us from 9 to 14 September 2022 for the Change a Life Crocodile Rock Cycle Tour 2022. We’ll cycle on open roads under big African skies, soaking up the unique Change a Life brand of extreme challenge and sumptuous relaxation.

The Change a Life MTB Tour 2023

As an extension of the highly successful annual Change a Life Cycle Tour, the Change a Life MTB tour enjoys all the associated benefits of physical challenge, great routes in spectacular natural environments, after-cycling comfort – and support for an exceptional cause.