Change a Life

The Mike Thomson Change a Life Trust was established in 2008 to build something good from the tragic murder of Computershare manager Mike Thomson. Now entering its tenth year, the Change a Life Cycle Tour which funds the Trust has raised over R30 million and invested it in the fight against crime, primarily through the facilitation of DNA legislation and the transformation of the lives of many young South Africans whose only other future may have been in crime.

We all want a country that is able to grow economically and improve the lives of all its people and we want to feel safe and secure in our homes, our workplaces and the public spaces we occupy. The purpose of Change a Life is to actively support initiatives geared towards achieving these goals; together we are fundamentally changing the lives of many South Africans, enabling them to contribute to a better South Africa.

Change a Life differs from many other social investment initiatives. While it achieves high impact and sustainable transformation, it also offers funders the benefits of networking at the highest levels of corporate South Africa in an annual cycle tour that bonds participants in the excitement of taking on a challenge while contributing to a good cause.

The cycle tour has garnered a reputation as one of South Africa’s leading fundraising cycle events and this is attested to by the lengthy waiting list of corporate executives who wish to participate and the positive feedback from those who do participate.  



The Mike Thomson Change a Life Trust is dedicated to a peaceful future for all South Africans and it supports highly effective grassroots projects that are geared towards achieving this ultimate goal. Each project fulfils one of the Trust’s key outcomes which include: 

> Development of a functional future for severely disadvantaged youths through sport and education
> Support of the most vulnerable victims of crime, including women and children
> Strong leadership (Change a Life Champions) committed to the Change a Life outcomes.



As a sponsor of our Change a Life Cycle Tour, you will help us achieve our aim of having all direct costs of the event sponsored, ensuring that all fees paid by the cyclists go directly into grassroots anti-crime initiatives. We invite you to join us on our remarkable journey.

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